Junior Pasta

It is the favourite pasta of children containing vitamin, spinach and tomato. With different appealing shapes like ABC, Mini Shell, Daisy and Disco Volante Tricolour children will enjoy their pasta. They will both be fed and have fun with Pastavilla Junior that has the honour of being the first Turkish pasta produced "special for children." With its colourful and lively packaging design it attracts the interest of children.

  • Junior Daisy
    Domates ve ıspanak katkılı

  • Junior Mini Shell

  • Junior Ufo
    Domates ve ıspanak katkılı

  • Junior ABC

Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrate
100gr 352 Kcal / 1477 Kj 10,80 gr 0,22 gr 76,78 gr
Vitamin and
Mineral Values
The level of meeting daily need(%)
Calcium(mg) 122,68 15,3
Vitamin C(mg) 37,46 62,4
Niasin 6,38 35,4
Iron(mg) 3,3 23,9
Zinc(mg) 2,42 16,1
Vitamin B6(mg) 1,08 54
Vitamin B1(mg) 0,98 70
Vitamin B2(mg) 0,45 28,1
Folic Acid(mg) 0,23 115
Vitamin B12(mcg) 1,2 120