Neapolitan Pasta Sauce

Pastavilla Neapolitan Pasta Sauce is a tomato sauce enriched with carrots, capers and various spices. Pastavilla Neapolitan Pasta Sauce is delicious and the favourite of especially working women who like to prepare delicious dishes but have little time. Our product is not only a pasta sauce but also a high quality pizza sauce that can also be used in meals instead of tomato. Neapolitan Sauce becomes a delicious "Bolognese Sauce" by adding minced meat. You also can create many other delicious sauces by adding mushrooms, cheese or fresh sweet basil.


Pastavilla Pasta Sauce 300 gr

When you cook your macaroni, you can take some of its water and heat it mixing with some Napolitaine sauce you want to use and you can mix the sauce you heat with your macaroni you sieve and you can prepare a delicious main course this way. Parmesan cheese you will dabble on the sauce will enhance the taste of the dish.