Whole Wheat Pen

Pastavilla Whole Wheat Pen (Penne Rigate), one of the kinds of macaroni presented to the macaroni lovers using supreme technology, keeps the sauces in its inner part with its perforated shape, and it is especially very suitable for large-grained sauces.

Whole Wheat Pen (Penne Rigate) is suitable with meat, vegetable pieces, cream and butter based sauces and it also gives good results as baked maccaroni.

500 g


100 g full Pastavilla uncooked food items in Whole Wheat Pasta Welcome Log in to rate
energy 335 kcal 17%
sugar 2,7 g 3%
total oil 2,6 g 3%
fat 0,2 g 1%
salt 0,12 g 2%
protein 11 g 22%
lif 7,5 g 30%