She stepped up to the challenge!
Happy International Women’s Day!
Can we fit 30 years into 30 seconds?
Over 30 years have passed to bring you this happy moment. Want to know what we did over these three decades to get here? Check out our videos on the Pastavilla Youtube channel to find out. Happy 25th of October, a day to celebrate these happy moments together!
Sharing is beautiful!
Everyone knows how beautiful it is to share! 💚 Our hearts were full when we premiered our stage play “Sharing is Beautiful”. As our audience joined together, we filled not only the theatre, but also our hearts with kindness. Happy holidays!
Veni, vidi, veggi!
VeggiPasta, which Caesar finds as fascinating as Cleopatra, is 100% gluten-free and tastes like the pasta you know!
Wishing peace to the world
In these challenging times, we dream of a world where every child can play peacefully and happily. We wish you a happy and safe holiday.
World Pasta Day
Celebrate World Pasta Day and feel the rhythm of pasta!
Mac & Cheese
The pasta that loves cheese, now available in one box with its own delicious cheese sauce. Enjoy Pastavilla’s legendary Mac & Cheese!
Corporate Intro
Bronze Die Rigatoni
Made in traditional bronze dies, PASTAVILLA Rigatoni’s rustic texture helps sauces stick and enhances their delicious taste.
Bronze Die Linguine
Made in traditional bronze dies, PASTAVILLA Linguine’s rustic texture helps sauces stick and enhances their delicious taste.
Produced from carefully-selected durum wheat, PASTAVILLA Tagliatelle is a unique pasta shape thatcmakes your recipes beautiful.
Feed The Hope
This hopeful commercial film applauds our nation’s united front against COVID-19 and celebrates our company and its workers for continuing production at full capacity throughout the pandemic.
Eid al-Fitr
We celebrated the breaking of the fast with the following message: “It is beautiful to celebrate this holiday – especially this year. #EidMubarak from PASTAVILLA”
Eid al-Adha
On a normally joyful day, we honoured the women who lost their lives and cannot join us at our tables this year. PASTAVILLA has darkened our logo and shared the message #noneleftbehind
Pasta Day
On October 25th, we celebrated World Pasta Day with pasta lovers across the globe.
New Year
Happy new year! We hope to celebrate many years together.